Our current 2019 Entertainment LINEUP Includes:

LOCATION: Across the Tracks

Thomas Burdock | 10am-11am

Eduardo Parada | 11am-12pm

Hailing from the group Opposite States, Eduardo brings Rock and Jazz to the table with an instrumental twist. 

Gulf Coast Music School Orchestra | 2pm-1pm

MYFY (Music For Your Friends) | 1pm-3pm

60’s/70’s/80’s music for dancing, singing along or just listening! Always a fun time with MFYF! Check them out on Facebook.

Daniel Kiicks | 3pm-4pm


Thomas Burdock | 4pm-5pm

LOCATION: Childers Street, Vendor Area 1

Cody Smith, Cody & Co | 10am-11am

Cody & Co. is the name of a musical collective founded and primarily containing Cody. Cody & Co.’s musical stylings range from gay to sad, with not much else in between.

Brad Talbott | 11am-12pm

Acoustic progressive jazz fusion. Brad has been playing all around where ever there are jam sessions and open mics. and never plays two sets the same, aiming to improvise a fresh experience every time. 

Pen Johnson | 12pm-2pm

Acoustic singer songwriter Penn Johnson channels and projects stories through song – unlike any artist of our time. His sound is of a genre yet-to-be defined, but his true-to-life lyrics, acoustic melodies, wind-sung strumming, harmonic rhythms, and passionate (uni-)verses, echo an era that once collected the masses. Some call it folk – other simply recognize that the music flowing through him inspires dancing, conscious thought, and healing connection. A Massachusetts native, Penn has traveled the country solo for the majority of his young adult life playing wherever and to whomever he has been called.

Lea Holz | 2pm-3pm

Lea Holz is a singer-songwriter, producing songs that range in genre from melancholic irony to lush sensuality www.reverbnation.com/leaholz

Zach Garcia | 3pm-3:30pm

Vegan rap (family-friendly)

Jim Williams | 3:30pm-4pm


Chase Schiefer | 4pm-5pm

Alternative acoustic singer with a “feelsy” alternative style.